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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snuggie Thief

I'm going to burn in hell for this, I just know it.  Today about 15 fancy red gift boxes were deposited in the front lobby.  They were all addressed to business development people who are no longer with the company, and were sealed up so that you couldn't see what was inside.  After an hour or so, about half of the boxes had disappeared.  I knew my coworkers were thinking the same thing as me - free mystery box!  What are they going to do - fire us?  I pilfered one and took it home with me.
I opened it up when I got home.  There was a card that said "We hope you enjoy a warm, relaxing 'snug' moment to yourself during the holidays"  I started to get suspicious.  Inside the box was a bottle of port, a box of really nice chocolates, and yes, a Snuggie(tm).   Yes, it's official, I am a Snuggie thief.  So are some of my coworkers.
Being a practical person, I immediately began to think what I could do with it.  Use it as a cat blanket?  Put it back in the box and give it to my brother as a gag gift?  Give it to one of my parents as a semi-serious gift?  The possibilities are endless.  Got any other suggestions for my sexy  black Snuggie with a red corporate logo embroidered on the front?  Let me know!

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