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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forest Cat

My little baby is almost a teenager, and suddenly she wants to stay out all the time.  I am of course talking about Rugrat.  Back in California, Luna was the one who wanted to spend much of her time outside, and Rugrat tended to stick very close to the house.  It didn't help matters that she's not good at climbing fences now. When I first got to Ithaca, Luna was more interested in going out, and Rugrat stayed close to the house.  Somewhere along the line, Rugrat decided that she really really likes it outside, and that's where she wants to be if it's not raining. She mostly hangs out in the underbrush and watches/torments all the little critters that live out there.  I don't know if she's getting in touch with her inner Maine Coon cat or what, but it's quite a change.  When I'm not worrying that the coyotes will eat her, I'm actually kind of glad, because she seems happier and isn't as clingy.
I guess they're wrong about old cats not learning new tricks!

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