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Monday, February 16, 2009

Old Biddies

I've known M forever and a day. We met when we were little toddler biddies. I am six weeks older than she. We have now both turned 40. Somewhere along the line, we started calling each other "Old Biddy" around the time of our birthdays. Somewhat more recently, I've been referring to myself as an old biddy more often than that. It suits me.
Since I like to express myself by writing and since we haven't lived in the same town since high school, M has read her share of letters and emails from me over the years. Much of the content was/is similar to the type of things I'll write about in this blog. So, in honor of M's friendship, and in honor of continuing to express my inner thoughts, I decided to call my blog "Old Biddy Blogging"
Here's to all the old and young biddies out there!

1 comment:

  1. I am honored. Unless there is some other
    "M," out there that you've known since toddlerhood and calls you an old biddy. Feel free to use my name unless you discuss my more embarrassing old biddy issues. I look forward to reading more posts.