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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knee Update: Three Months

It's been three months since my knee surgery. True to what the doctor had predicted, it took about that long to get back to mostly normal. Now I'm just complaining about my sore back instead.
I can run. I'm still out of shape but when I run the knee is not the limiting factor. I can hike, but have to be careful on the downhills. I can almost squat or do squats, and the limiting factor is my other knee. Kneeling on hard surfaces is still painful. I no longer have pain when I ride the exercise bike.
On the downside, it creaks and pops a lot more than it used to.
A coworker tore his meniscus recently. He asked me what to expect after the surgery. It will be interesting to compare his recovery to mine. I am curious how much my arthritic knees slowed down the recovery.
I miss playing soccer. I really do. But it's not worth it anymore. I'm taking advantage of my retirement from soccer to finally try to get rid of my nasty toenail fungus. I've had it about ten years. I took the oral medicine for a week, but it's nasty stuff. Liver tests showed that it didn't agree with me, so I stopped taking it. That week was enough to kill off the fungus, but once it was completely gone i got kicked in the toe and it returned. After that I gave up on it, but this time it's war!

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