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Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Mattress/Redecorating

I bought a new mattress today. I am ridiculously attached to my old mattress, which I bought as an IPO gift to myself when my company announced it was going public. Yeah, I'm a big spender, I know. I've had it for ten years. It's nice and super-firm, but is almost too firm now that I'm an old biddy and my back is sore every morning. I knew I had a problem when it was more comfortable to sleep on Missy's floor or the back of T's truck.
Before that I had the evil sag-bag mattress that I bought when I got to Chapel Hill. It was cheap. It sagged in less than six months. Good thing I was a young biddy then. It took me four years to replace it. The per year cost was actually higher than myIPO mattress, so I guess it wasn't such a bargain.
Anyway, I went mattress shopping today. It wasn't as bad as I expected. At the first place, I found one mattress that made me want to fall asleep on it. I went around to a lot of other places. Nothing quite compared. Armed with an internet price, I went back and they matched it. I got a firm mattress with a thin layer of memory foam for my old biddy back. It was just enough to make it feel comfy but not so much that it had that annoying hot feeling. Some of the softer mattresses felt nice, but I know from experience that too soft is not a good thing for me.
Mattress buying is like buying a car. It's hard to get out without them selling you something else. They did talk me into buying an anti-dust mite mattress pad. I could sleep in a tub full of dustmite poop mixed with cat dander and dust and not have problems, but T's pretty sensitive, so I bought it. It's not entirely unselfish on my part. I sleep better when he's not congested and snoring.
It will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully it will help me sleep better and wake up less sore.
I'm putting my old mattress in what used to be my computer room. It's dark and cave-like in there. I think it will work better as a guest bedroom than the back room. I partially disassembled my computer desk and moved it to the back room. I'm pleased with it - it's a much better spot for my computer room and I happily posted two blog posts from it already. I had to move the futon out. The futon frame is a behemoth. When I moved in we barely got it into the back bedroom and would not have been able to bring it through the hall, and so that's how the back bedroom ended up as the guest bedroom. Since then, I've had the sliding glass door retrofitted and the opening is slightly smaller, so I didn't think it would be possible to get it out. My dad cam by and we partially disassembled it so that it could fit through the door.
There's only one problem. Luna. The futon was her favorite spot, and has been for her entire life. While we were taking it apart she kept coming by and meowing at me. She was not happy and was scolding me. I felt very guilty. Good thing my (old) bed is her second favorite spot. I'm going to have to put her special bedspread on it and maybe leave my cheap sleeping bag on it as well to ease the transition for her.
So anyway, as of tomorrow, the guest bedroom will soon be operational and equipped with high speed internet access, a very firm mattress, a dark peaceful atmosphere, and Luna. Come visit me in my spiffy redecorated house!

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  1. The new mattress was delivered yesterday. I slept better than I have in a long time. Luna's a little bit happier now that the old bed is set up in the guest bedroom, complete with her bedspread and sleeping bag, but I still found her sleeping on the futon mattress outside this morning.