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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Interview Suit

I pulled out my old interview suit yesterday and tried it on/squeezed myself into it.  It's a size 14 dark green suit from Ann Taylor.  I still think it's the prettiest suit ever, even though it has those 90's power look shoulder pads.  I still look good in it, I just can't move.  I bought it almost exactly 14 years ago, when my first faculty interview was scheduled.  Sheila came with me and helped me pick it out.  I haven't worn it since 1997, but I keep it since I like it so much.
It didn't really fit, even though I am the same weight as I was when I bought it.  I'm not surprised - my weight has shifted around and more of it has ended up on my waist and torso.  To be honest, the skirt was a bit tight when I bought it - at the time Ann Taylor only went up to size 14, and there's been size inflation since then, so this is more like a 12, or possibly even a large 10 in the waist.  Nonetheless, it's definitely tighter now.  I blame perimenopause, soccer, swimming, and genetics.
Most women have one or more types of clothing that they just hate to shop for because it's hard to find things that fit properly. For me, that item is suits.  Weight goes up 5 lbs, it doesn't fit.  Weight goes down 5 lbs, it doesn't fit.  Add or remove a type of exercise - same result.  Go on or off the pill - same results.  Big shoulders = bad.  Big ribcage and fat/muscle around ribs = bad.  Long torso + short arms = bad.  Contrast this to men who can still squeeze themselves into suits they bought 30 lbs ago.  They get free tailoring too.  Not fair. Sadly, they do not make "athletic fit" suits for women like they do for men.  If I'm ever in a position where I have to wear suits frequently, I'm getting one custom made, and just to be safe, I am getting it made out of something stretchy.
For my interview nest week, I'll probably wear last year's interview blazer and a pair of slacks.  It's a bit too loose in the torso and tight in the shoulders.  Grr!  Net weight difference = -2 lbs, net workout difference = +swimming, - soccer, net hormone difference = no birth control pill this time.

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