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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I didn't keep myself busy enough this weekend.  I thought that I needed a lazy weekend. Bad idea.  I was pretty sad today.  It's a simple equation - my job and my relationship with T were very important to me.  Now one of those things is done and the other one is in jeopardy.  No wonder I'm a stress case.  I have no influence over the job situation, other than to look for jobs, and I don't even know what's going to happen.  Making matters worse, it's harder to distract myself from the T situation by working long hours, and I'm severely limiting the amount of retail therapy I do.  So I work out, blog and play Bejeweled Blitz way too much.  Usually it helps.  It's not an ideal solution, though.
Before the layoff announcement hit, I was starting to get motivated to do online dating again.  All that motivation went away once I started looking for jobs.  The two activities are too similar and all my motivation got funneled into the job stuff.  Judy's going to take some cute pictures of me in a few weeks, so once I have those and know what's up with work, I'll post a profile to and maybe some of the other sites.  In the meantime,  I could always get the naked handyman* to come and help me with my house projects..uh, no.

*the naked handyman advertises on Craigslist.  He wants to work in the nude while women watch.  It's sort of like the dude in Boston who used to want to do housework in the nude. Sadly,I did not have much house cleaning to do back so I used to joke around about having him come and clean my glassware in the lab.

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