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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My cat ate my homework, and more

My boss is teaching first semester organic chem to 800 undergrads. They had their first test last week. As always, he got a lot of emails afterwards pertaining to the test. Here's the most entertaining of the bunch.

Dear Professor Old Biddy's Boss,

Hello, my name is Sleepy Slacker and I am a student in Chem 3580. I missed
the first prelim due to ongoing sleep problems I am having. I did
not inform you or the chem department because my condition is
ongoing, not acute (e.g. flu, mono, cold...).

I spoke to Dean Wormer today and he encouraged me to contact you
anyways....I also spoke to the undergrad coordinator and she and her colleague said
I should email you as well.

I currently qualify for extended testing time....on that particular
day, I got in my car at around 3:00pm since the test is at 3:45 for
extended time people, and before I started my engine, I fell asleep
in the driver's seat. If I had not fallen asleep, I would obviously
have gone to take the exam. That particular day marked Day 7 with 0
hrs of sleep...

I was unable to sleep the night before the prelim which I thought
was ok, because I just reviewed my notes and p-sets all night, and I
promised myself I would stay awake and make it to my exam....I
thought it was particularly unlucky that I would fall asleep less
than an hour away from my prelim.

The purpose of this email is to ask you, where I stand in the class
now I have missed a prelim, and did not tell anyone until I told my
dean (Dean Wormer) today. Is it possible to pass the course with a
0 as one of the prelim grades + average scores on the other prelims
and the final? Thank you for your time and patience with me.

-Sleepy Slacker

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