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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Creepsters of OKCupid, part 1

The thyroid meds have returned my energy levels to the point where online dating is starting to seem interesting again, but I'm not ready to actually pay money for it.  So I dredged up my OKCupid profile and changed the location info to Ithaca and waited to see what happened.
I got an email from a guy that I was really not interested in. I'm showing a lot of discretion here and not snarking on his profile, so let's just say he wasn't my type and leave it at that. He copied and pasted his standard opening email/profile and then asked that I let him know, even if I wasn't interested.  Yes, dear readers, I should know better than to take bait like that, and indeed I did ignore him.  He wrote back a few days later saying  that he saw that I logged on and why didn't I write back.  Uh, creepster alert.....  I should've just left well enough alone but I wrote back that he was too old for me.  I left out the part about how I don't date creepy stalkerish types.  So he writes that he should've lied about his age. Lovely. 
As you know, I'm not a big fan of gender specific rules or expectations pertaining to relationships or even online dating etiquette.  However, if men wonder why women don't write back if they're not interested, or give a white lie, it's because for every couple of normal guys there is an asshole or two who takes that opportunity to insult us, be overly persistent, or just generally be a sleazy asshole.

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