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Monday, May 28, 2012

La-Z-Biddy/Magic Happy Pills

In a bit of minor irony, my new La-Z-Boy couch and loveseat arrived the same day that I got officially diagnosed with low thyroid and got a prescription for it.  They are indeed quite comfortable, but I am glad to be spending less time on them than I had expected.
I don't know when the thyroid thing started.  I've always been a big person - never hyper, but pretty energetic in my own slow and steady way.  I'm not built for speed but I had great endurance.  It was probably a slow and halting creep for at least a few years, as I noticed that I was less energetic than before.  It was subtle and I attributed it to old age and the fact that I am working more now, but it became more noticeable to me in the last two years. When Rugrat died the stress must've catalyzed something and so the rate of change was suddenly enough to make me wonder what was up,and, more importantly, cause other new symptoms which weren't so easily attributable to laziness/my imagination/blame on myself.  I won't bore you with the details.  I went to the doctor and the basic thyroid test came out borderline for low thyroid.  My doctor put in an authorization for a second, more complete set of tests if my energy didn't get back to normal in a month or two.  Things got slightly better, but part of that improvement was due to me trying to do less.  Other things got worse.  I went back in for a the second set of tests, which were more definitive than the first.  She prescribed thyroid medication and I'm supposed to come back in two months for a follow-up visit to adjust the dosage, if necessary.
It's been about a week.  I noticed an improvement almost immediately.  My legs felt lighter and my hands and feet stopped tingling.  After a rather non-stop weekend with my houseguests, I was a bit wiped out yesterday, but I was back to normal today.  I was able to run on the treadmill tonight, which is something I haven't been able to do since March.

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