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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Window Remodel: Day 2

OK, so it's not really the second day of the remodel, it's the 4th. But it's the second day that John worked. Yesterday he just picked up the windows. I'm kind of used to this from the kitchen remodel, and am ok with it, for now. I know he juggles other jobs, child care issues, etc. If I wanted instant windows I would've gone with the place that quoted at nearly 3x what John is charging. Besides, I'm just happy not to be doing it myself.
Anyway, today John framed the openings for the two larger windows. He did a nice job. I am very pleased with the footprint of the new windows. It was hard to really visualize it when the other windows were still there. I was afraid they'd be a bit low, but they're just right. I'm also pleased with the two foot strip of wall in between the windows.
Structurally, I'm happy about it too. The old layout had 6 ft x 12 ft of glass with just a 4"X4" supporting it in the middle. In an earthquake, I'd be worried about the strength of the header, not to mention the glass. I've seen the headers that were used in the kitchen and bathroom and know it's not all that great, so every bit of extra support helps. Now I've got 7 full length 2"x4"s and 11 short 2" x 4" under the window frames.
My house is very creaky, as most of you know. The funny thing is that during construction, it doesn't creak at all. There's just a bit more give. Once the drywall goes up it starts creaking again. I'm curious to see if getting rid of the big windows has a more permanent effect.

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