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Monday, October 19, 2009

Knee update: seven months/1 year

I was on the treadmill at the gym tonight watching a Mexican League soccer game. I felt pure nostalgia for how it feels to play soccer, to run at full speed down the field with the ball, or to make those perfect passes or shots on goal, or even those workman-like defensive moves which aren't pretty but get the job done.  I also realized that this was probably the first soccer game that I have watched without cringing in sympathy for all those knee-busting moves, and then I realized that not only has it been seven months since my surgery, it has been 52 weeks since I injured my knee.  (See, I keep track of all sorts of random anniversaries in my head, not just the ones pertaining to T.)
Anyway, it's a lot better now.  My knees are probably healthier than immediately before my injury.   I've been strengthening up my core, glutes, and legs with a class at the gym.  We do a lot of lunges, etc.  My legs have gotten a lot stronger from it.  It was a catch 22 for a while because while the knee was healing I couldn't even think to do a lot of the exercises that we do in the class. 
I miss soccer, but I'm not going to go back.  

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