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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breakup Blog, 2 months/Reorg Blog, Day 1

On not getting laid, and possibly getting laid off...
It's been exactly two months since T broke up with me.  I've been distracted, first in good ways (painting my house), then in not so good ways (see below) so it was sort of a non-event. 
Yesterday we had group meeting.  The weasely HR guy and CEO were at the meeting - not a good sign.  First they told us they were reorganizing and getting out of doing research.  I must've gotten pale because G (former officemate, now VP of the group) leaned over and told me it was going to be ok.  Then they told us that they were in negotiation to sell our group to another company, who wanted to set up a research center here.  But since it wasn't 100% a done deal, the HR guy still had to give us the 'what to expect if you do get laid off' talk.  They told us to keep quiet until other groups had been told.  They didn't really tell us who all would be affected. It was very strange and surreal. 
It put me in a strange mood, and it was weird not being able to talk about it.  I ended up IM'ing with T for a long time that afternoon, although since I was still at work I didn't mention it to him.
Today a lot of people in other groups got told that they would be laid off when their project ends, or at the end of the year.  I didn't realize that they got told right before lunch, so I walked into a minefield.  They asked if I was affected.  I had to say that I didn't know.   I've witnessed two layoffs now and lunch is always weird, sort of like being at a funeral.
Once I realized how many people were affected, I got mad.  While I was babysitting my experiment, I spent the afternoon looking at job postings online.  Hey, they told us one reason they were giving us advance notice was so that we could make arrangements, so that's what I was doing. Later in the afternoon, a VP of the company who wants to buy the group came and talked to us for more than two hours.  Hopefully, the deal will go through and we will still be employed. 
I did wish that I could call T and talk about it.  There's probably no reason that I couldn't, but I didn't.
Tonight I skipped going to the gym.  I came home, played a lot of video games, baked cookies, and blogged.  I'm going to go pour myself a stiff drink and take a bath now.

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