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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Windows remodel=all done. Now it's my turn to work.

John finished up the windows last week.  A massive storm blew in and he had to switch into high gear to get everything zipped up in time.  Anyway, they look great and I am pleased with them.  I could've went with somewhat wider windows and it would've looked even better, but I'm happy nonetheless.
Now I need to paint the windowsills and wall, figure out a window treatment, and decide if I'm going to do something about the fireplace this year.  I'm going to see if I can hire Janet for an hour or two and pick her brain. Janet's the designer who did my kitchen and bath.  She is really great at coming up with creative, workable solutions very quickly where other people can't.
More urgent than the living room decoration is getting the house painted.  I'm doing it myself.  This is my big crazy project to take my mind of T.  Except I had already decided to do it before we broke up, and now I'm less in need of distractions.  If John had been a bit more speedy, it would've been a good distraction. I don't have a huge house, and the siding and paint are in good condition on the house, and so-so condition on the garage. 
This weekend I did prep work.  I really should've allotted two weekends for that.  I scraped and sanded and chopped back all my shrubs yesterday.  Today I did more cleanup around the perimeter, more sanding, and washed down the house and garage with my fancy new pressure washer.  If I had known how useful it would be, I would've bought one sooner.  As it was, I was going to borrow my dad's, but the hose adapter broke again and he couldn't find or jerry-rig a replacement.  Mine is a lot bigger and more powerful.
I was going to paint the windowsills tonight, but I'm exhausted.  They can wait until tomorrow.
My dad is going to help with some sanding and miscellaneous stuff this week.  My plan is to take Friday off to do all the last minute prep work, and then rent a paint sprayer for the weekend.  I am alternately excited and scared of the paint sprayer.  I'm excited because it will save me a lot of time and sounds damn fun, but I'm scared because I have heard some horror stories about it being a giant pain in the ass.  It's a much larger version of the bane of my existence, the spray station.  The spray station is the apparatus we use to spray slurries of catalyst onto ceramic rods prior to testing.  Same idea - a slurry gets sprayed.  Sometimes it works great, other times it's a pain in the ass when things get clogged.  My hope is that both the paint sprayer and the paint are more optimized for that specific purpose, as opposed to a first generation research instrument that sees a wide variety of materials.
I'm painting the house a light grayish green, with a darker green on the trim.  The windows themselves, gutters, and roof trim are white. If I have a last minute change of heart, I may paint all the trim white. I'm not planning on doing the trim next weekend, though.  I hate doing trim.. 
Stay tuned for the full paint sprayer report!

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