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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring in CNY

Spring has finally sprung, seemingly overnight. After a month of cold temperatures and rain nearly every day, it finally turned nice just in time for my dad's visit.
Spring here follows a different, and faster, route than I am used to. Every day I see major changes. In a few days I will not be able to see the lake from my office since the trees are leafing out so fast.
The first color that is visible is yellow - daffodils and forsythia everywhere. I wasn't able to resist this outpouring of rubber duckie hues, so I bought some forsythia bushes to complement my daffodils. At the same time as the yellow gets going, hints of blue pop up - hyacinths, scilla, etc. Just as the yellow starts fading, the whites, pinks, and purples get going - white daffoldils, flowering apple, crabapple, and magnolia trees, cherry trees, lilacs, and lots of other shrubs that I am not familiar with.

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