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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lil' Bitty update

I picked a name for Flower/Lil' Bitty - I'm calling her Lucy. I've been testing it out for a few days and it stuck. I'm sure I'll still call her Lil' Bitty sometimes. Anyway, in addition to being something easy to say and easy for a cat to hear, I can make Lucy-fur jokes when she's bad, yell "Lucy, I'm home!" in my best Desi Arnez voice, and it also goes well with Luna. In fact, if you combine the non-identical syllables in their names, you have 'lunacy', which is perhaps appropriate.
I was wondering why they called her Flower. It's not a bad name, it's not a good name, but it doesn't sound like a name a cat would pay attention to. I got my answer the other night. I had the door to the computer room open, since Lucy mostly didn't leave the room. She went running out and returned with her tail completely fluffed up and straight up. It was as wide as her body, and she reminded me of a meerkat. And, of course, Flower was the main meerkat on "Meerkat Manor". She repeated the bad-ass meerkat act a few times when my cats came by. My cats were not amused since it was accompanied by a fierce defense of the imaginary border between hall and computer room. Anyway, despite the meerkat resemblance, I'm dropping the name Flower.
My three cats are slowly getting used to each other. Luna and Rugrat were bothered by the meerkat from hell act, and sulked downstairs one evening. I was sort of worried. But the next night Lucy snuck downstairs and spent a large part of the evening in the living room with Rugrat, mostly watching each other from a safe distance. I left the door open again tonight. She hasn't ventured downstairs but Luna and Rugrat are upstairs and I don't hear any growling or hissing.
Cowdude came over last night. I told him that my pussy needed some socialization and took him upstairs to see Lucy. She was friendly to him immediately. I am glad to see that she is seemingly not a one-person cat.

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