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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucy and Rugrat

Today I moved Lucy to my bedroom to get her used to other rooms in the house. She was very comfortable in the computer room and very skittish elsewhere. Anyway, she covered in the closet for much of the day, since she seemed to have a weird fear of the ceiling fan. Uh, ok, perhaps there was a ceiling fan incident sometime in her past. Eventually she seemed pretty comfortable in my bedroom, but when I opened the door she ran to the computer room. I went downstairs and did other stuff. A few minute later Lucy came downstairs, wandered around, ate some cat food, scratched at the scratching post down there, and then wandered back upstairs. Luna watched all this but didn't growl.
Later I came upstairs and took a bath. Rugrat joined me on the side of the tub. Throughout my bath, Lucy kept wandering into the bathroom, and Rugrat would growl at her if she got too close. After I was done, a large moth started fluttering against the window screen. It had a 5" wingspan. There was no way that the cats could ignore that. Rugrat was sitting under the window looking up. Lucy ran over and climbed on the windowsill and climbed the screen. Rugrat growled like crazy, but did not move. She's a little bit cranky, but at the same time she is very interested in Lucy.
Now that she feels more comfortable in the house, Lucy is a ball of energy. She's also started talking to me. Yes, I talk to my cats, and they talk back, not that I always know what they're saying. This wasn't always the case. They started talking a lot more after Max started hanging around. I guess they picked it up from him. Lucy has started doing it too.

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