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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lucy update: almost two weeks

Lucy is a high energy cat. This was sort of apparent the first week, but is much more apparent now that she can run around the whole house. She likes to gallop around at full speed and drag her cat toys everywhere. This morning I was awakened by her repeatedly jumping on and off the bed. Upon waking up more fully I realized she had dragged a cat toy into bed and was pouncing on it from the floor and then jumping off the bed again, as well as doing a spiderman like walk along the side of the bed. If I let her outside I will be kind of worried about how many dead animals she might drag back and where she might leave them.
She will be one year old in a few days. If she is so energetic now I can't even begin to imagine her as a kitten. Today was the first time I actually saw her with her eyes closed. It didn't last long
The kitties are slowly adjusting to each others' presence. There is a lot less hissing each day. Luna and Rugrat have figured out that they should stay out of the way when Lucy is running around the house at full speed, and Lucy has toned down her steeplechase routine slightly. Nonetheless, Rugrat is having a harder time of it than than Luna. Even at the age of 16, Luna's still got the alpha cat mojo going. One look from Luna and Lucy backs down, whereas Rugrat can hiss/growl continuously and Lucy will just look at her innocently. Rugrat has never had good cat social skills, and I think Lucy is a bit more interested in playing with her as well. But they get more used to each other every day.
They've reached the point where they don't hiss at Lucy for run of the mill, same room, couple of feet away from each other contact. If they're distracted by something they forget that they're not used to her. This now means that they gang up on me two at a time instead of one, or three instead of two.

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