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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Old Biddy Speaks: Facebook Ex-etiquette

Dear Facebook Ex's who happen to be named T,
If your ex posts a completely innocent picture of a raging waterfall near her office, do not try to be funny and make a snarky comment asking if I am sorry I left California. I happen to love the water, and the waterfalls and gorges, but I am not going to stoop to a Facebook debate with you. Anyway, I can only conclude that you are one or more of the following things
a) trying to be funny but sounding like an asshole
b) have a completely CA-centric view of the world
c) are secretly pissed off that I am happy here and/or are trying to stir up Facebook drama
In any case, I do not do Facebook ex drama, at least not on Facebook itself, so I am channeling my inner honey badger and not giving a shit.
But for future reference, here are Old Biddy's Rules for Facebook Ex-etiquette.

1. Defriend the person immediately, even if you are going to try to still be friends in real life. It's just TMI and Facebook stalking fodder at first, anyway. I should've done this, and will do it for future exes, if necessary.

2. If you don't want to defriend each other, use some discretion in what you write on their Facebook page. Write nothing and like nothing at first. Later you can use your judgement, but be forewarned that anything the least bit snarky/assholish/just plain weird will be subject to discussion.

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