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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Before (wacky hat)

I'm visiting Missy in Sacramento. Today we went to the mall and decided to get makeovers at the MAC counter. I've never had a makeover before, and haven't bought any makeup there, although I had heard good things. It was an interesting, and expensive, experience.
Although you would not know it to look at me, that does not mean I don't own any. Back in high school I was a big fan of goth-pale foundation (complete with a full coat of powder) and eye-makeup in bright 80's colors. Fortunately, there is little photographic documentation of this. Nowadays I still love to buy the cheap stuff but only use it occasionally and minimally. It's kind of like very expensive adult crayons. I like the colors and the textures. Ever so often, I realize that I might save money if I just bought the good stuff, in colors that work for me, and actually use it rather than doing lots of small impulse purchases.
My makeup skills have not progressed since high school, although I have learned a bit of discretion since then, and, more importantly, am much lazier. Today, I wanted to get some makeup that looked good on me and learn how to put it on properly. Some of you are probably cheering, after years of telling me that I needed to do this, and some of you are probably saying "Huh - Old Biddy owns makeup?"
It was a pampering experience, and just what I needed. After priming, painting, concealing, powdering, misting, and sealing my face with a massive plethora of products, I was fully shellacked and my complexion looked way better than I had anticipated. My inner goth chick was very impressed, even though the look was substantially less pale than normal. I purchased a subset of it, because it did look nice, and one of my new years resolutions is to put more attention to my appearance. (Yeah, shallow, I know...) Anyway, it did look very nice. Missy kept commenting on it. I felt like it was a bit over the top, but it was pretty subtle.

I did not tell the saleslady that I was just involved in a breakup. That would be like telling the car saleperson that I was having a midlife crisis. I am sure that lots of makeup is sold under these circumstances. In terms of self-administered therapies, it was somewhat expensive but healthier than too much booze, and probably not as healthy but more effective in the short term than exercise.

After (note - I am not wearing mascara or lipstick)