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Sunday, August 12, 2012


I'm still on OKCupid.  There's not much to report - a few sporadic emails from guys I'm not interested in, the dudes who send the second email asking why I didn't write back to their first one, etc.  I'm pretty half-assed about it since I am not paying any money for it.
Into this mix came an email from someone who seemed a bit more promising - age-appropriate, lives in Ithaca, decent looking, and not prone to annoying typos or text-speak..  (Yes, my standards are pretty low that I get excited about age appropriate guys who live nearby)  I wrote back, and eventually received another email a week later.  I wrote back but I probably won't respond if he does reply.  I didn't used to have any set rules about how what is too fast or too slow, but this time around I'm trying to weed out the guys who are too busy or not that into me.
Postscript - the dude did write back eventually and gave me his 'real' email address and phone #, and asked if I like to meet up sometime.  I gave him props for at least having the guts to do that, so I wrote back, (and included my contact info) but if it's another week before I hear from him I'm going to let it slide.

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