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Saturday, September 22, 2012

In which I am completely oblivious again

Dear friendly good looking goatee guy at the Toyota dealership service department,
You came by and took over from the gruff old German guy who was ringing me up.  You complimented my car and offered me roses from the big bouquet by the service desk.  When I acted surprised and demurred, you told me that since the dealership was closed tomorrow the roses should be enjoyed, so I said ok.  I don't know if you were being flirty or if this is just normal for this dealership. Or perhaps you were trying to ease the pain of my expensive unexpected repair so that I wouldn't pester you with questions about whether it was truly necessary.
Anyway, I am sorry that I didn't even notice the flirting until after the fact, regardless of whether it was real or not.  I was cranky because I had just realized I had just spent enough on my car to make it a bad idea to get a Subaru this year, and because I had just had a somewhat harrowing car ride with a half-asleep cab driver.  Nonetheless, you made an old biddy smile, somewhat belatedly, and I thank you for that.
Old Biddy

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