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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Biddy Book Review: Gone Girl

After reading lots of hype for "Gone Girl" by Gillian Welch, I went ahead and bought it.  There are a lot of plot twists so I won't give away anything critical, but here's the shortest review ever.  You can go read longer ones over at Amazon if you're so inclined.
Nick and Amy are annoying smug Manhattan yuppies.  You know, the type whom the New York Times assumes are their only readers.  They meet cute, then he loses her number, then they meet again in the street about a year later.  They get married and a few years later they lose their jobs and move to Missouri to help out when Nick's parents become ill.  They rent a MacMansion, Nick opens a bar, and Amy mopes around missing NYC.  Then she goes missing on the day of their fifth anniversary.  Lots of complicated plots twists ensue.  He's an asshole, she's a psycho bitch, and they're both totally unlikeable, as are a lot of other characters in the book.  Most everyone is a misogynist, including some of the women, and the ending was weak.  Nonetheless I got completely sucked in.  I recommend it for bathtub and airplane reading.

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