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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My iPhone is ruining my sex life, or, the strange tale of Mr. Bear

While I was still hot in the throes of my sexting and occasional in-person messing around phase with Mr. Cub, Mr. Bear contacted me on OkCupid.  Mr Bear is in his 50's and divorced.  I was kind of aloof since he seemed like a player and lived in the Syracuse area, but nonetheless we ended up eventually switching from OKCupid emails to texting.  He was witty and entertaining and I had nothing else on the horizon so the texting continued.  He tended to be a bit too suggestive, considering that we hadn't met.  I like a bit of joking innuendo but nothing more until I have met the person behind the texts, so I would deflect it back to the stage that I was comfortable with.  He asked me to dinner but then bailed, claiming something had come up with one of his kids.  I thought that was the unofficial brushoff and decided not to go out of my way to pursue him, but he continued to text frequently and occasionally be suggestive.  He asked me if I wanted to get together this Sunday.  I agreed.  Today he texted me that he had met someone that he would like to try being exclusive with, which is fine.  I know these things happen and I can't even claim my pride is injured since we never met in person.  Nonetheless I am cranky about dealing with so many losers and weirdos these days. Seriously, I don't care if I was the backup plan or not but it's not like I was initiating any of the texting or sexting.  WTF was he doing continuing to try to get me to sext with him all the way up to yesterday?!?  Ugh.
I like to text, and once I've met someone I also like to sext, but I am seriously thinking about instituting a no texting policy until I've met someone in person. 

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