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Friday, February 22, 2013

OKCupid "What not to do" of the week

A few days ago some guy looked at my profile on OKCupid but did not send me a message.  So of course I looked at his profile, decided "Meh", figured he was also "Meh" about me since he didn't send me a message, and forgot about it.  The next day he sent me the following email.

Would you give it one more chance ? I may be 'The One'. Please read my profile. I hope you find whomever you are looking for .

Um, ok, dude....I don't seem to recall him sending me an email before that.  What is this one more chance business and who sent the memo that it is ok to not send me a message and then get butthurt that I don't send one?  If I were on the fence this would definitely make me not be into him.

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