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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 4: Dreams of Chemistry

It's been 4 days since my surgery. I'm feeling a lot better and have phased back to two vicodin pills per day, compared to six the day after the surgery or eight (maximum recommended daily dose). By the end of the weekend I am hoping to only take one at night and none during the day.
My brain is still a bit foggy. I'm mentally up to analyzing data from my experiments but am not up to writing that paper on stuff I worked on five years ago or doing literature searches for new stuff. I had some very good results in lab recently so that may be fueling my bias. Last night I dreamt I was in lab, making compounds. I slept deeply and woke up refreshed.
If I can't do chemistry, then I want to bake. Unfortunately, I shouldn't be on my feet for very long. I'm making no knead bread as a compromise, and to satisfy my experimentation craving, I'm testing using a sourdough starter. If it comes out really well I'll post the recipe.
Veronica stopped by yesterday and brought me her circulating ice wrap. It's a very good thing. There's a little ice chest fitted with a pump and some tubing. You fill it up with ice and water, then plug the tubing into the knee wrap. The cold water circulates through the wrap. The temperature is controlled by how fast the water circulates. Since my leg is still wrapped in bandages, it works a lot better than an ice pack.
I took a bath last night. It was probably the best bath of my entire life. I cheated and took off my leg wrap, lowered myself into the tub and then filled it up while keeping my leg propped up on the top of the tub. At the end I drained the tub and then raised myself out of the tub using my arms and my good leg. (yes, I did test this manoever prior to actually taking a bath)
I will be happy when this is all over, but I can't really complain too much. Apart from the first night, my recovery has been going pretty well.

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