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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 8: Back at work, sort of

I worked a full day today. Maybe not a super productive day, but a full day nonetheless. My knee started complaining and my brain started wandering around 3 PM. My brain is still moving slowly. It's only noticeable at work. I've been taking one vicodin pill before bed each night, so I don't think that's why. I think there's just enough low level pain and constant awareness of my knee. Has anyone else had this experience after surgery?
My boss' boss saw me in the hall today. He asked if I managed to work on that paper while I was out. I said no, I was too drugged and sore. Afterwards, I realized he didn't even ask how I felt or how it went. I was sort of annoyed. Granted, he's just a super big chemistry geek and that's how his mind works. (Being a super big chemistry geek myself, I had told him I'd work on it while I was gone, but I underestimated the combined power of pain and vicodin.) If I had stayed home this week, I could've worked on it, but I felt like I needed to be back to work. In contrast, my boss has been very helpful.

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