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Saturday, January 9, 2010


At the networking and job search strategies class I went to, they suggested using your blog and your Facebook account as a means of finding a job. Uh no, I don't think so, unless I decide to start doing a chemistry blog or directing everyone to the food blog.  I love the LOLcats and the randomness but that's NOT the image I want to convey to anyone other than y'all.  So even when I do blog about my job search, identifying details get left out. 
With that disclaimer, I did get some good news on the job front.  A prof whom I know wants to get some equipment from my company and hire someone to run the lab, work with the grad students, etc.  He's trying to copy Caltech's model - they've been pretty successful since they worked closely with us and also hired a very good person to run it.  (Other universities have done the same thing but have had less success, largely because they didn't hire the right person to run it)  I think this sounds like a pretty fun job - the only reason I didn't apply for the Caltech job was that at the time I was dating T and didn't want to leave him-a lot of good that did me.  Also, I didn't want to move to SoCal.  Anyway, the T issue is obviously no longer a problem, and I like the location a lot better than SoCal, so this is kind of a dream job, mid-life crisis old biddy version.  (Former dream job = prof at MIT)  I could be in an academic setting and do fun chemistry without a lot of the headaches of being a prof.
Anyway, I talked to the prof and am in the process of putting together a proposal for him.  It would be ideal to get as much gently used equipment as possible, but the timing will make this difficult.  The garage sale has already begun and  I don't know how much of the really prime stuff will be left once the prof gets his funding, but you can't apply for funding without a budget and a plan.  So my current plan is to propose buying a new instrument as the workhorse for the program, and then try to get additional used equipment at low cost or as a donation.
Nothing is guaranteed, of course.  A lot depends on my proposal, as well as the prof's proposal to the university.  But it's worth a try.
Anyway, it's been a good distraction and I feel positive for the first time since they announced the reorg back in late October.  It feels good.  I've had too few truly good things happen in the last six months.

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