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Monday, February 22, 2010

Phone/email Interview with Normal Large Company

Last week, I applied on-line for a job at a large company ("NLC").  It's for a R+D managerial position.  I don't have a lot of official managerial experience but have a lot of unofficial experience.  Today someone from HR called me. What followed was a fairly normal pre-screening process, large company style.  Wankercon should take note here too.  Even though my resume came in via a large nationwide job engine, NLC (and the other large companies that have contacted me for more information) was smart enough to call or send me an email addressed to me and specific to the position I applied for
I was a little bit taken aback, since I had just gotten of the phone with the prof, and my thoughts were not on NLC, especially since I just sent in my resume on the previous business day.  I'm also fighting the flu.
HR guy asked me about my responsibilities in my old job.  He also asked why I was looking for a job and would I be willing to relocate.  He asked me my old salary was and was smart enough to ask what my salary range would be if I were to come to NLC.    I didn't do a very good job on the pre-screening interview and made the mistake of saying I had a verbal offer, but I guess I cleared the salary and seriousness of job search hurdles, so he told me he'd send me a list of questions to answer and then the technical team would review them.  Here are the questions.  I answered them tonight after I had mulled it over for a while.

1) Please describe the leadership roles you have held within an R+D environment.

2) Please provide examples of your ability to manage people resources effectively, as well as prioritize those resources against competing project deliverables and deadlines.

3) How would you describe your staff management capabilities?

4) What experiences and values can you offer NLC in this position?

5) What is motivating you to explore new job opportunities?

Note to Wankercon: These are questions that are relevant to the job.  They also give some insight into my personality.  If I don't get a second phone interview I will hold no grudge against NLC, and I won't assume that they are all a bunch of arrogant assholes.  No.  I will simply assume that it wasn't a great fit and they had other candidates who were better suited for the position.

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