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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Elegy for Max

For those of you who don't know, Max was my yard cat.  He was a large, sleek black tomcat with the sweetest and calmest disposition of any cat I've known.
I first met Max almost three years ago.  I had just started my kitchen remodel and had relocated my eating area to the back bedroom.  I noticed a teenaged kitten sitting on the fence.  I talked to him, and he meowed at me, and eventually came over and let me pet him.  It was love at first sight.  At first I thought that Max was a stray, since he was at my house so often that even my contractor thought he was my cat. I wanted to adopt him. Eventually I realized he was just a very sociable cat who liked to make the rounds of the neighborhood and tended to hang out anywhere there was a lot of activity.
My cats liked Max too.  They never seemed to be bothered when he came by, wandered in the house and ate their food.  I'm not sure if it was because they met him when he was still a kitten, or if he had very good cat social skills and charmed them.  They had a bit of a love triangle going on.  Rugrat loved Max and wanted to play with him all the time, but once he was grown he was not interested in her antics.  Meanwhile he wanted to hang out with Luna, who would generally just meow at him and then ignore him.  She did like him, in her own way.  If she didn't like him she would've chased him off.  She certainly got less annoyed with him than she does with Rugrat.
Max had one bad habit.  His owners never go him neutered, and peeing on walls was one of his favorite activities. I first discovered it one day when he came in and peed on my contractor's work shirt that was lying on a pile of tools.  My garage and the front door were the favorite tagging sites.  Most of the time I kept my back door shut, but nonetheless he'd manage to sneak in quite often and pee.  But he was such a sweet kitty that all I ever did was chase him out and then pet him.
I haven't seen Max in a few weeks.  At first I wasn't worried, but now I am. I haven't seen the pee spot on my front door, and the garage is slowly losing its odor of cat pee.  I hope that Max is ok, but I don't think he is.

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