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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freelance kilt inspector seeks Mr. Big(foot) for sexxxay timez

Yes, it's true, I finally posted a profile to  With pictures and everything.  I even paid money. If you're nosy, you can go look me up, suggest guys for me, and give me helpful pointers about how not to scare teh menz.  (My username is forestcat14850.)  I'm even writing back to the guys that email me and winking at others.  For those of you who haven't been doing online dating recently, a wink is sort of like a poke, only you can't make as many crude jokes about winking as you can about poking someone.*  There are also lots of new cyberstalky features like seeing who's viewed you, etc.  I'm putting my finely tuned cyberstalking skills to good use.
There are a frightening number of guys who's username are "T_lastname"  Aaagh.  As a matter of principle I'm not responding to any of them. 
Anyway, there's not much to report now, but I'll be sure to give the full report if anything entertaining happens.

*  back in the day when I was a young biddy, you could cyberstalk someone by "fingering" them.  Despite the amusing name, all this did was let you see if they checked their email.  I did it anyway.  I think that should liven things up by getting rid of winks and calling it "fingering" instead.

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