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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting my rocks off

My landscaper called the other day.  He wanted to see if it was ok if he took one of the big rocks in my yard for a project he's doing at home.*   It matches one he already has.  He offered to do me a favor in return, and suggested that he take away the nasty shredded sandbags/sand.  In the alternate universe where I am both bold about propositioning guys and quick with the witty repartee, I would have suggested that he help me get my rocks off in return.  In the real universe, it was dinner time and I was hungry so I said ok, no problem.

*  I don't know if this is really for his yard, or if it's actually for one of his paid jobs and he just said that to make me more likely to let him take the rock.  I didn't want that one, so it didn't matter. 

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