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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Classes start tomorrow. Being back at a university after a 13 year hiatus is a sometimes strange experience.  Sometimes I feel like I am the most ancient old biddy ever, and other times I am struck by how some stuff has not changed at all.  I'm not sure it makes me feel any younger, though.
On the way in to work this morning, the local college station played "Laid". It was not played as an oldie, but just as part of the mix.  Now, I don't remember exactly when it came out.  I think I was in grad school at the time, but maybe it was earlier.  In any case, it's older than the incoming freshmen.  Perhaps it was what was on the radio when they were conceived.  Later, I took a walk.  I was going to get ice cream, but resisted and walked a bit further instead.  They were selling posters in the quad.  The strange thing is that it was a very similar mix of posters as I remember.*  Those 'Abbey Road' Beatles posters were wayback retro 20 + years ago, kids.  You're not being a trendy hipster by getting one.  For all you know, your parents may have been conceived to that very album. 

*perhaps no one ever buys them and they're the same ones I saw when I was in school.

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