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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Men of Match, continued..

It's not just the separated guys I am wary of, it's the divorced ones too.  Not that I have anything against divorced guys, if they are truly divorced.  I'm not so sure they are, though.  Perhaps I am being cynical, but I am having a hard time believing that all the divorced guys on who have kids have kids who live at home.  Not away from home, not sometimes at home, but 100% resident kids.  What are the odds?!?  Is there an unusual custody judge here who always sends the kids to live with their dad?  Are they trying to impress the women with how sensitive they are? Hmm...I smell something fishy here....Methinks that some of them are not really divorced.
Back when I was doing the internet dating thing a few years ago, I met a dude who claimed to be never married and in his early 30's.  We had an entertaining email exchange and then made plans to meet for lunch. After he stood me up, I got pissed and realized that some stuff didn't add up.  I got cranky and cyberstalked him (again, it's easy to cyberstalk scientists and academics).  It turned out he was 12 years older than he claimed to be, and there was a picture of him wearing a wedding ring .  That incident made me be a little bit more suspicious and on the lookout for things that don't add up.

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