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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Match update

I'm exchanging email with a few guys that seem pretty cool.  I won't jinx it by posting about any of them just yet, even though I did tell you about one of them by email.
I also get the occasional complete random introductory emails, like this one from a guy that I have no interest in.
lets go for a nice little hike. and then I will take you out to eat ?
I dont like to eat alone so I would be happy to buy you dinner to have the pleasure of eating with a good looking girl.
Not to sound to much like a guy

 Um, ok, whatever, bad punctuation man If it were Javier Bardem I might consider it, but not if it's some random 55 year old who lives 100 miles away.  (OK, I admit, if it were Javier Bardem he could live in Spain and have bad English and I'd still go for a hike with him...)

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