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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Mix

It used to be that Sheila and I would exhibit a profound negative impact on the weather whenever we got together, or even if I happened to pass though her neck of the woods on a connecting flight. I suspect that this is probably still in effect, but more recently my bad weather attracting skills seem to take effect whenever cowdude and I get together. Even though this is sort of an average winter and there are some weekends when it doesn't snow, we're batting 1000% for heavy snow falling either during the drive to or from each other's place. Checking the weather report helps a little, but not much. This weekend's forecast was for a storm to blow in this evening, giving me plenty of time to get home. Instead, it started mid-morning.
Ski resorts seriously need to start hiring us out when they need more snow.
In California and perhaps other parts of the country, 'spring mix' refers to a mix of different lettuces. Here in CNY, 'winter mix' has nothing to do with food. Instead, it is some to be determined combination of snow/sleet/hail/rain.

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