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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging about blogging

I've had this blog for about two years now. Tonight I read an article about how people, particularly young ones, are navigating away from blogs in favor of posting stuff on Facebook or Twitter. Translation: I am an old biddy and am hopelessly behind the times, as usual.
Twitter has just never done it for me. While I appreciate the amusing sound bite aspect of it, I've just never gotten into either posting or following tweets. It's just another layer of stuff to have to follow.
Facebook is another question altogether. While it would certainly be possible to post on Facebook instead, I don't know if I want to go in that direction. It would not be hard to create a group of who can see my blog-like posts and post to Facebook instead of here, and be done with it, or at least post links when I post something new here. If those options sound more convenient, please let me know. Since I am now moving back into less-personal blogging, I may also post a link to the blog on my profile on Facebook.
The truth is I like both the anonymity as well as the fact that random people stumble across the blog ever so often. Maybe they'll get a laugh or find a recipe they like. Blogspot started letting us track stats on which post get the most views, etc. It's been a big surprise. Blog trafic has been increasing a lot lately and always peaks on the weekends. Keywords are definitely critical. My most popular post, for reasons unknownst to me, was about unpacking. Less surprising was the fact the a post entitled 'Real estate porn' got a lot of hits, and the diatribes about on-line dating are also fairly well read. I've removed most of the breakup blog posts, as well as a few rants about specific crazy/loser Match dudes, so I can't track those. Date nut bread is by far the most popular cooking post, and second most popular overall, which is sort of satisfying because that is a really good recipe.
I have no clue if I have any regular readers other than the small core group of friends, but it would be helpful to know, in case I decide to go the Facebook-only route. If you are reading this blog on a regular basis and have no clue who I am, please post a comment.

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  1. I have to admit that I must be one of those people who have stopped blogging in favor of FB. For me, it's because once my mom retired, she no longer had access to it, and the other two people who read it (You and my aunt Carolyn) , do have facebook accts. My blog didn't have an option for comments or a counter, so maybe I had readers that I didn't know about but I doubt it.