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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Craiglist WTF?!?!? of the Day

I've been lurking on Craigslist looking for kittens, since there aren't many to be had at the local SPCA.  For amusement, I looked at the personal ads and ran across the following one.  Somehow the first half of the post does not exactly jibe with the second half.  So hat do you think, faithful readers?  Is the poster being ironic, or is he completely clueless?  Or is he one of those annoying liberal dudes who is actually a total sexist?  Or, perhaps, it's a fake post.  Either way, it does not exactly make me want to write back.  I'll stick to the kitten ads for now.

Seeking an enlightened, loving woman with a sense of humor and values (Ithaca)

Looking for some romance now that spring is in the air. You should be liberal, loving, and lovely. I have an incredible sense of humor that you will be sure to appreciate. For instance...

What's worse than a male chauvinist?
A woman who doesn't do what she's told.

Why can't women drive?
There's not enough room to build a proper road between the bedroom and the kitchen.

What do you call a woman who has lost 95% of her intelligence?

If you want to laugh and love, drop me a note.

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