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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Conservatives: Neener neener!!

I've only been waiting nine months to publish this. The irony of the length of time does not escape me.  I tried many times but couldn't quite put it into words, and others more capable than me were writing about it in the feminist and mainstream blogosperes.  But the time has come for me to be a raging old biddy and engage in some long-overdue gloating.
September 11, 2001 was the start of my feminist consciousness, although I always considered myself a feminist before.  I will blog about this sometime.  The 2008 primaries reinforced that in my mind, with all the vitriol directed at Hillary Clinton about her gender and not her political viewpoints. The months leading up to the 2012 presidential election saw the rise of some of the ugliest sexism that I have witnessed in my life, but, unlike the previous two events, women fought back en masse.
Recently in Slate there was an article about how conservative pundits are "blaming" single women for Romney's loss.  Because, of course, we are women so you can blame stuff on us and get away with it, because whatever we do it is wrong.  NOT! No one would even think to use the same wording or the same vehemence if they were describing another population block and their voting habits. 
Anyway, as a single woman I am enjoying a few days of gloating at my newfound power and elevation from usual crazy cat lady status, but in all honesty, and using some appropriately juvenile language, they started it.   We didn't make it an issue - they did.  Us single ladies, and our married counterparts, were simply minding our own business, having sex or maybe not having sex.  Some of us* might even have sex with the same conservative guys who are pushing this legislation.**  Our concerns were not drastically different from those of the other women, or even (gasp!) men.   The amount of legislation, and the general level of intrusiveness trying to limit access to abortion/birth control/women's health has skyrocketed in the last year, as the Tea Party Republicans began to posture and prepare for the election.  All of a sudden we started hearing frightening threats of transvaginal ultrasounds, of "legitimate rape" and "rape rape", of employers being given the right to exclude birth control from insurance plans, even though this makes no sense from an actuarial point of view, etc., etc. Thanks in part to the power of the internet and social media, we fought back, and didn't let the divisions between different generations of feminists get in the way this time.  Instead of realizing that these extreme tactics were a bad idea and backtracking, they upped the ante.  It was like a bad dream, and every time I had a blog post in mind, they did something else that infuriated me.  Even now, I have a million other things I want to add, but in the interest of conciseness, I will just say "Neener, neener".  It's 2012, not 1950.  You can't turn back the clock just because you want to.  End of fucking story.

*  Not me, of course, because I am a cranky liberal old biddy with impressive bonerkilling powers.  That, and I do have standards...

** The mantra of "Do as I say and not as I do" and the definition of a slut as any woman who is having sex who is not having it with you, have been out in full force, thanks to idiots like Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts.  I just don't get it.  Mind your own fucking business, literally.

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