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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Haters: Please STFU

As you might imagine, I have a lot of commentary about the David Petraeus/Paula Braodwell affair, but none of it really concerns the affair itself.  I really don't judge what other people do in their bedrooms unless I happen to be having sex with them.  Then I care.  However, I like interesting gossip so I do admit to be entertained by some of it.
Anyway, first of all, I hope no one is monitoring my emails/texts/IM's. I have been know to engage in salacious behavior by those means. If my passport renewal gets turned down I will know why.   I was amused by the accounts of a shared email account to try to get around detection.  I get that nothing is tagged as incoming or outgoing, but it's not exactly secret.   Furthermore, I bet they got some entertaining Google Ads.  Then again, maybe not.  I have been known to deliberately fill emails with sexual references to try to get some good ads.  I have never gotten in interesting Google ads that way, but the minute I mention a clogged toilet, I get ads for plumbers.  In my future career as  a crude humor marketing genius I am planning on leading up the new "Adult ads" department at Google.  I will also begin consulting at BJ's on how to make their email subject lines even more suggestive.  (I will do this for a year's supply of cat litter and Chobani.)
Secondly, I am amused by the growing number of people involved.   It sort of reminds me of grad school.  Unfortunately, there are no hot Navy SEALS involved (yet), or I might be more interested.
Thirdly, and most importantly, all the internet haters need to STFU about Holly Petraeus' looks.  She didn't do anything, and she is a perfectly normal looking 60-something woman.   Don't blame it on her and how you think she should have lost weight/dyed her hair/etc/etc or been able to run 6 minute miles at age 60.  Most people can't do that at any age.  She and her husband are perfectly looks- and age-appropriate.  A lot of this snark comes from women, not men.  I just don't get this, although I am used to it as part of the "U R Doin it WRONG!" syndrome that women get (and dish out) everyday.    I see it to a lesser extent in what is considered what is normal "good grooming" among men and women.  I'm going to do a bigger blog post on this someday, but I'll be succinct - if men aren't expected to do something and women are, it's sexism.  Do it if you want, but don't snark on people who make different decisions.

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  1. You and I would be best friends if we lived closer!!! You crack me up, woman!! And I AGREE!!!!