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random musings of a crazy cat lady

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Molly and Rugrat: Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady

My cats and I are slowly adjusting to not having Luna around.  They're a fairly bonded pair, so I didn't expect them to act that much differently than normal, but they are.  Lucy is still very clingy and lovey.  I think this is a combination of her missing Luna and her just needing more companionship and play when there are fewer cats in the house.  In the absence of another cat, I am the stand-in.  She was like this when I first got her, before she bonded with Luna and Rugrat, and also in the time between when Rugrat died and when I got Molly.  This time around she is extra affectionate.  She sits on the edge of the bathtub like Luna used to do and purrs and wants me to pet her.  Sometimes she even climbs onto my chest.  This is highly unusual since she is not a big purrer and up until now she hated water and stayed away from the bathtub when I was in it.  Now she has taken over Luna's role as tub cat. It seems like Luna's death has affected her more than Rugrat's did, even though she now has Molly as an age-appropriate buddy.  Although I thought Lucy was closer to Rugrat than to Luna, now I'm not so sure.  Luna had a strong alpha cat presence and other cats tended to really like her even though she wasn't particularly social to them.
Lucy is a complex cat.  Of all the cats I've had, she is the least predictable and the most quirky. This is becoming more and more apparent as she matures.
Molly loved Luna and spent a lot of time with her, especially towards the end.  She was very clingy and kept climbing into my arms any chance she got. Fortunately,  she also began to be more active and resumed her frequent wrestling matches with Lucy.  Nonetheless, she still spends a lot of time in "Luna's" chair and still leaves a spot open for Luna. 
Now here comes the confession part.  Even though Lucy and Molly are a bonded pair, and it is easier to just have two, I am still tempted to get another cat.  Having just gone through having two cats die in the same year, I feel like I shouldn't get another kitten or young cat, since then I'll have three the same age.  I am kind of tempted to get an older (>8 years) kitty.  It will take a lot of luck to find one that gets along well with the others, and will probably also end up being one that picks me out.  I will ponder this for a while and perhaps visit the humane society occasionally.

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