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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogging on a plane

I’m on my flight back to San Jose. I don’t have enough battery power on my laptop to blog about my visit with Sheila, so I’ll do that later. Instead, I’ll use this time to blog about random stuff.
What I forgot: My iPod and shoes that don’t give me blisters
What I lost: My boss’ copy of Scientific American, which he lent me after he finished reading it.
What I didn’t lose: my bladder infection ;-(
What I probably gained: several pounds – the food was good and abundant
What I bought: 1 pair of running shoes, two types of band aids, one issue of Scientific American, lots of cranberry juice (see above) and one issue of More magazine.
What I missed: T and my cats.
What I didn’t miss: having to think about all those annoying energy sucking distractions like refinancing my mortgage, etc.

Cattle-car: Man, this plane has some really small seats. It’s not just me. I’ve got the shortest legs on the planet and even I don’t have enough leg room if the seat in front of me is reclined. Granted, I’m probably noticing it more due to my knee, but it’s still tight quarters. I was in the exit rows on the flights out here so I didn’t notice it then.
The one good thing is that they’re actually enforcing some rules regarding carry-on bags. It’s about time. I’m sick of people crowding the bins so much that I can’t even get my small duffel bag in there. I just wish the airlines didn’t also start charging for checked bags.

More magazine: More is a women’s magazine geared to the over 40 crowd. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Since I’ve started reading a lot of feminist blogs, I’ve lost my interest in reading stupid fashion and women’s magazines on airplanes and in the bathtub. I just read a lot more cooking magazines. Sadly, the airport newsstand didn’t carry “Bitch” magazine so I bought a copy of More. Anyway, More lacks a lot of the annoying anti-feminist shit common in Cosmo or Allure and the kid-centric articles of other women’s magazines. It has some good articles, but it’s definitely geared towards wealthy white women, so it annoys me too. (I admit, I read it occasionally since my mom’s neighbor subscribes and then passes her old copies along to my mom.) If I lose my job, maybe I should start my own magazine. It will be called “Old Biddy”, of course.

Knee report: My knee is doing ok. I was worried, since the visit to the physical therapist had done a number on it and then lots of sitting on the airplane and at the conference didn’t help. It wouldn’t have done well if we had tried to do the hike that we planned on – the trail was covered in snow and mud. Sheila could’ve done it but it would’ve been too much for me. We walked about eight miles of flat trails yesterday and the knee felt fine. That’s about six or seven miles more than I’ve walked since I had the surgery, so I was happy. I used my hiking poles and I think it helped a lot. I am looking forward to trying my new running shoes – they feel really good and I think I may be able to start doing a little bit of running this week.

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