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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buffet report: Greektown Casino, Detroit

Buffet report is a new and probably infrequent feature in which I review the buffets of the world.
I was raised by two Michiganders and they trained me well in Midwestern buffet appreciation. So well, in fact, that even though I am on a business trip and therefore have an expense account, I opted to go test the Greektown Casino buffet tonight. As a precaution against buffet stomach, I took a Pepcid. You would think that since I've been hanging out at the conference eating large expense account meals with my boss, I wouldn't have an appetite for the buffet. Wrong. I was so full from big dinners with appetizers/dessert that I did not eat very much today. When 7 pm rolled around I was hungry, and I also wanted to control how much food I got so that I would not finish stuff just because it was in front of me. I also didn't want to deal with hovering waiters, and needed an excuse to go see the Tic Tac Toe chicken again.
The casino, and the buffet, were very busy. There was a long, movie theatre style line for the buffet. It was moving slow so I chatted with the people in line near me. The told me that the buffet was OK at its current price ($10) but wasn't $20, which is what it used to cost. They also told me more about the tic tac toe chicken. If the chicken picks first, she always wins. If you pick first, you have a chance of winning. If she lays an egg while she should be playing tic tac toe with you, you get $100. Anyway, it was sort of entertaining to hang out in the line and people watch. Everyone was in a good mood, probably because they were about to hit the buffet.
Eventually, the line moved and I paid and got seated. The buffet itself was pretty old school - there was some Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Greek food, as well as a salad bar and the usual buffet staples of ham, roast beef, mac' n cheese, etc.
Anyway, it wasn't as fancy as a Vegas buffet or an Asian seafood buffet, but the food was pretty fresh and tasty. I stuck with the American buffet classics on the first pass. On the second pass, I tried the potstickers and the garlic eggplant from the Chinese food area. It wasn't fancy but it tasted good, and I am definitely picky about my eggplant. I didn't eat too much and I don't have buffet stomach, which is more than I could say about some other meals I've eaten this week. My parents would definitely like it.
After the buffet, I played the slot machine and video blackjack. I started with $20, and won about $25 on the "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine. Yes, I was there gambling with the other old biddies. I then proceeded to lose $15 of my profits at video blackjack. I went back to the Wheel of Fortune slots and got back up to a $35 profit. I played the slots for a while but cashed out when I was $20 ahead.
There was even a slot machine called "Buffet Madness", or something like that. I didn't try it, but I probably should have;-) But then again, it's probably best to apply the same philosophy to slot machines as I do to the buffet, and not feel compelled to try everything!

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