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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 4

I'm killing time until I have to head out to go meet Judy for some dinner and shopping. Anyway, it's been four weeks since my surgery. The knee is still slowly getting better, but either I'm behind schedule or had selective hearing on how fast it would heal. I have to keep reminding myself that the doctor said it wouldn't completely heal until 3 months. I hope I didn't slow down my recovery by going back to work sooner than recommended.
Stairs continue to be my nemesis. It's getting better but I can still feel it going upstairs and downstairs. On a better note, I no longer have the pain in the back of the knee that I used to feel from the injury. I can also kick when I swim or jog a few steps. That wasn't possible last week. I still haven't worked out two days in a row, though. I'm starting to feel like a big fat slug.
I went walking on uneven terrain last weekend. The milder ups and downs were nowhere near as bad as stairs, fortunately. I felt pretty good.
I have to be more careful with shoes these days. Shoes that felt OK before now tweak the knee in weird ways. I've stuck with the ones that work, but don't have anything suitable for the conference next week. Hopefully I will be able to find a good pair tonight.
Postscript: I went to the physical therapist today. She told me to stay away from stairs for now and said that if I strain it that will slow down the healing. I wish my doctor had told me that a few weeks ago. So I'm back to the one-legged stair climbing for now.

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