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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brown bottom brownies

Even though I am a cranky old biddy most of the time, ever so often I fall for something cute and/or sentimental. Such was the case with the light heated/dark hearted brownies posted recently over at Smitten Kitchen. The premise is simple - bake a batch of white chocolate brownies and a batch of regular brownies, cut them in squares, and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter (or any other shape) to cut out the centers. Put the light centers in the dark outer shells and vice versa, and voila, the cutest things I have ever seen. I decided to make them for cowdude for Valentine's Day.
However, once I got home from the grocery store I realized I didn't have an 8"x 8" baking pan. Yes, it's true - somehow I am lacking that standard size pan. So I decided to swirl the two batters and make swirled brownies. I got fancy and put the batter into ziplock bags and tried to pipe it into the pan in an artistic manner. Bad idea- it looked more like turds in the pan and made a huge mess. Do not try this at home. I smoothed it out and then swirled it, and then baked it.
Somehow, the dark chocolate layer sunk to the bottom and the light layer floated to the top as it baked. So I was left with a pan of two layer brownies.
I still had hopes of some heart shaped V-day treats, so I froze the brownies and attempted to cut them with cookie cutters. No go. I think I froze them too long. I suppose I could've warmed them up and tried to cut them, but at this point I was very fed up, so I just cut them into squares.
Anyway, why am I telling you about my brownie misadventures? Well, both the white chocolate and dark chocolate components are extremely tasty - chewy, tasty, and the perfect texture. I plan to use it again to make regular chocolate brownies. The recipe for each batter is simple - melt butter and chocolate, stir in sugar, add vanilla and eggs, and then add flour. Just one bowl, no weird ingredients and no baking soda or baking powder flavors. If you can do a brownie mix you can do this. Go check it out if you've got an urge for brownies, or if you just want to get your daily supply of cute.
So, the take home message is that I am neither light- nor dark-hearted, and my best laid plans sometimes take unexpected turns. I'll spare you the bottom jokes.

P.S. Later I was talking to one of the grad students. She made the same recipe, and had similar tasty but not cute results - lots of crumbs and broken brownies. I was amused.

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