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Friday, February 4, 2011

Notes from the Snowpocalypse that wasn't

Here in Central New York (CNY), which is considered upstate New York by the rest of the country, we've escaped all of the big storms that have hit the coastal cities or the upper Midwest. It's not that we haven't gotten snow - we have, or that we didn't get hit with glancing blows by the storms - we did. But what we've gotten is not too far outside of the norm of an average CNY snowy day. Instead, we always seem to get unexpectedly large amounts of snow on the weekends when cowdude and I get together.
The latest Snowpacolypse started off well. It dumped about 6 inches of snow very quickly right before the morning commute. It was messy getting to work - people couldn't get up the hills, or were sliding down. A lot of people here really need to get snow tires. It was mainly the timing that made it bad. We'd gotten more snow about a week before but it came down a few hours earlier and got cleared.
Anyway, then it stopped and the weather forecasters started warning us about the next storm. It was slated to dump about a foot of snow/ice in the early morning hours. Everyone was told to stay off the roads, etc. Cornell even closed down preemptively from 2-10 AM, perhaps because of the experience the previous day.
In reality we got about an inch or two of very dense ice pellets, which solidified into a nice crust on the existing snow. I was kind of disappointed not to get a major snowstorm - I have never had a snow day and I kind of want one, especially if I get to spend the day baking, buying stuff online, or playing in the snow. OK weather dieties, I hereby request you send the snowpacolypse a few days after I finish working on this research proposal. Thanks!
The evening of the snowpacolypse that wasn't, it started snowing again. On my way home, I stopped off for groceries. I don't know what prompted it, but all of a sudden I was just very happy to be here, weather and all.
Note: this is not my cat - they refuse to go out into the snow. But it does look sort of like my driveway now.

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