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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It runs in the family

The cooking gene runs in the family. It helps that we all enjoy eating, are pretty unpicky, are cheap, and have a tendency towards experimentation. Even my dad has started cooking roasts now that he has my convention oven.
My brother is a bigger food geek than I, believe it or not. His particular specialties are local inexpensive restaurants and perfecting certain of his trademark dishes, including smoked turkeys and red beans + rice. Someday I am going to invite him to share his secrets here, but don't get your hopes up. Either he's being secretive or he never really follows a recipe (sort of like my mom), so he only ever gives me general guidelines.
Despite these fairly inexpensive leanings, he occasionally gets sucked into extreme foodie territory. For instance, when terduckens were all the rage he ordered one from New Orleans and cooked it. Now he's interested in molecular gastronomy. Yes, I'm a PhD chemist and a food geek, so you'd think I'd be ahead of him on this one (especially since I could borrow some equipment and supplies from lab), but no. Nonetheless, it probably does provide evidence that we are actually related. He bought a sous vide (aka a temperature controlled water bath). I'm not sure how he will deal with the need for increased attention to detail, but when he starts making frozen three layer terducken terrines I am going to be really worried.

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