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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flood/New Office

Two weeks ago I was home on a Sunday afternoon, cleaning my kitchen floors, when I got a phone call that the lab had flooded. I went in. A heating pipe above the lab had burst and sprayed water all over the place. Once it was plugged up, a second pipe burst across the hall and flooded the office of an emeritus professor. There was about a 1/2 - 1 inch of water on about half of the fifth floor. Miraculously, none of the equipment was damaged, although some of the floor tiles took a beating and the prof's office got it pretty bad. The water dripped down to the floors below. My office escaped relatively unscathed, but Chris (our sabbatical visitor) wasn't so lucky. His office got pretty wet.
The rest of the fourth floor was empty-it got a bit wet but it was not a big deal. Due to some faculty leaving and others moving to the new building, there is some empty space in the department. A prof and his group were slated to move to the fourth floor, but they hadn't moved yet. For that reason, Chris and I were going to have to move offices anyway. We were unofficially slated to move into a pair of offices at the other end of the hall, but that was still up in the air. Sometimes the department gets a little bit weird about office assignments, and the new office was a lot nicer and bigger than my old one (it had been a prof's office rather than an admin's office). When my boss had suggested it as an office for me a year and a half ago, the answer was an unequivocal no.
I didn't go all honey badger about the flood. I didn't really need to, since the equipment was ok. However, I did put a bug in the ear of the facilities guys that it would be nice if Chris and I could move offices ASAP. I don't know if that was what did the trick, or the fear of me going retoactively honey badger about it, or if I have more influence with the space committee than I used to (thanks, Pete!), but like magic we got approval to move down the hall. Within a few days we had moved over. I'm in the larger office and Chris is in the outer office.
I like it a lot. The faculty offices are pretty large compared to other universities I've been at. This is one of the smaller ones, but I still have a ton of space. The offices at my old company were ok, but we typically shared them with at least one other person, or had cubicles. An office of that size would've probably housed three people, possibly four. As it is I have lots of file cabinets, a counter-like are by the window, a big desk, a blackboard and a table for discussions with students, and it is still not particularly full. It is odd, and nice, to have such a large space. I have definitely moved up in the world.

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