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Thursday, January 12, 2012

You know you want it....

I had a run of amusing blog posts the last time I was doing online dating. I'm over cowdude enough to want to meet guys again. I'm gearing up to get back online and will document the more blog-worthy events.
I'm not quite there yet, though. This has nothing to do with cowdude - I want to focus on getting in shape for the next month or two. This is not because I think it will make much of a difference in anything other than my confidence - if anything, I need to meet guys who are not hung up on 10 lbs one way or another. However, I have limited bandwidth and right now I want to use it to get myself into a good diet/fitness routine before I start getting distracted by other stuff.
Nonetheless, I have started checking out online profiles, etc, so the amusing blog posts will start early. Today's gem comes from Craigslist. It was from Mr. Perfect, who searching for Ms. Perfect. He had a big long description of himself and his exemplary personality, and a similarly long description of what he was looking for in Ms Perfect. At the very end there was a short statement that he is currently separated and was completely over his wife. Nice way to show your good character, dude. I saw the post last night and started writing this post. Tonight when I went to add a link, it was gone. Hmm I wonder if his wife saw the post....
In all seriousness, I know that there are some people who are just slow about paperwork and who may be completely ready/are at complete liberty to begin dating again. I'm not trying to snark on them, and I should perhaps try to find out the situation before throwing them out with the bathwater. But I suspect that people in that situation will described themselves as divorced (at least in the online profile category), and it's the newly separated/perhaps not even separated folks who will say that they are separated.

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