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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2012

I don't always make New Year's resolutions, but when I do I fail spectacularly.
OK, enough Dos Equis man jokes. Sometimes I make resolutions, sometimes I don't. The diet and weight loss ones usually fail, but I'm ok at keeping more general ones, even exercise ones, as long as there is a central theme.
This year, the overarching theme is to be nicer to myself, physically and mentally. The specific details may vary throughout the year. At the moment, my goal is to get back in shape physically* and get my honey badger mojo back in all other aspects of my life. It has been pretty good overall but took a bit of a beating during the cowdude incident.
Anyway, I joined a new gym. This even involved spending money. The Cornell one was just too crowded and smelly and the equipment was in poor condition.** As a result, my workouts were shorter and more infrequent than they should've been. The local fancy gym just opened up a new location near campus. It's got tons of nice new cardio and weight machines, space to do my physical therapy exercises, and (very importantly) lots of stations on the tvs on the cardio equipment. It also has non-students to talk to. I'm not a chatty person but was missing having people my own age to exchange pleasantries with at the Cornell gym.
As another manifestation of my resolution, I've resolved to be less tight-fisted when it comes to spending money on being nicer to myself. This is not really about clothes or shopping, at least not at the moment. It's more about things like getting the gym membership, getting massages occasionally, or actually taking more vacations this year. I've always been frugal, although not consistently so, but my time being unemployed had left me too cheap for my own good, on occasion.
So anyway that's my resolution for the year.

* Of course, losing weight and looking better is also goal but I'm making it I won't bore you with that. If you want a virtual workout buddy or diet buddy, I'm your biddy buddy and we can converse by other means, but I won't blog about the specifics unless there is another reason to do so.

** even some of the students aren't too fond of the on-campus gym. There were some at the new gym last night, and one of the grad students in the group splurged for a one-month membership at the downtown, fancier location. The offshoot of this, and the transient nature of the academic community, is that gym membership policies are very different here. Initiation fees are pretty low (I paid $10) and it's month-to-month. Short term memberships are available for not too much more than ongoing ones, and lack the initiation fee. This is all very different than back in the Bay Area.

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